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Adult Classes

The martial arts provide a unique path to improving yourself. Through training the mind and body you can become healthier, more self-confident, more energised, more motivated while making new friends and becoming better able to protect yourself. At Sozokan, training focuses on realistic martial arts and the tougher martial sports, ensuring all training is hands-on and practical. For those seeking a competition we compete in boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian JiuJitsu, Karate, Wrestling and Judo. For those considering a future in law enforcement, security, body guarding or the military please request details of our sister school The Australian Defensive Tactics Institute (ADTI).

Our Major Styles Include:

  • Sozokan Ryu Kempojujitsu: This is our mainline, a practical and comprehensive self-defense system that incorporates striking and throwing, grappling and weapons techniques. This style is ideal for men, women and children of all ages. You will learn to leverage body mechanics against both single and multiple attackers own strength.  Jujitsu has dominated the new No-Holds Barred and Mixed Martial Arts style tournaments. JuJitsu is also the basis for the world’s military unarmed combat training programs because of its practicality.

      Kempo JuJitsu fundamentals class runs Fridays at 6.30pm

      Kempo JuJitsu beginners-intermediate classes are Tuesdays at 6.30pm, Saturdays at 3.30pm & Sunday 10.30am

      Blue belt and above only Thursday 8.30pm

      The above classes are suitable for ages 13+

      A modifed JuJitsu class is available for our younger members aged 7-12, please see our Kids classes page.

  • Aikido: Instantly recognisable by strong circular movements, Aikido has a philosophy of promoting harmony and non-aggression. Emphasis is on controlling, not destroying, your attacker. Students assist each other to learn rather than contest each other.  Aikido techniques require extreme precision to work and require a long-term commitment to learning the art. The academy teaches both the hombu (or Ueshiba) style of Aikido, and the more martial antecedent street effective aiki-jitsu methods.

      Aikido for beginners is available Sundays at 9.00 (ages 7+) and Tuesday at 7.30pm (ages 13+)

      A more advanced class is available Saturdays at 3.30pm (ages 13+)

  • Dragon Arnis: A fluid, modern fighting system, Filipino in origin. Predominantly featuring sophisticated stick and knife fighting skills the system features both practical weapons and empty hand methods. Arnis improves eye-hand co-ordination, timing, locking and control, body movement and balance. Controlled sparring provides a “fun” test of your reflexes. Dragon Arnis is a blend of Modern Arnis, Doces Pares and other escrima and arnis styles. An exciting alternative to mainstream martial arts. Arnis compliments all other martial arts and fighting systems.

      Arnis beginners & intermediate classes are Mondays & Fridays at 5.30pm

      Advanced classes are Wednesdays at 6.30pm

      These classes are suitable for ages 13+. 

      Please note that ages 13-16 are subject to approval before admission into weapons classes.

  • Kickboxing:  The popular blending of knees, legs, hands & elbows into an efficient and easily learnt martial art. The academy adopts a Freestyle approach to kickboxing, that is suitable for fitness development, ring competition or the street.  It can be learned in a much shorter time than most martial arts and is both aggressive and physical, with excellent cardio-benefits.  A great option for those looking to burn some  fat and some aggression minus the monotony of normal gym classes.

      Kickboxing classes are open for beginners/intermediate levels Monday 5.30pm (16+) & Friday 6.00pm (13+)

      Classes are open to all levels Wednesdays at 6.00pm & Sundays at 10.30am (13+)

      Modified Kickboxing classes are also available for our younger members, aged 7-12. See our Kids classes page

  • Muay Thai:  Translates into English as Thai Boxing, and is the national sport of Thailand, a martial art with origins in the ancient battlefield tactics of the Siamese army. Competition features punches, kicks, elbows, knees, standing grappling and head-butts to wear down and knock out the opponent.  Thai methods develop devastating power, speed and superb cardio-vascular endurance as well as fighting spirit. Muay Thai is the main sporting style of kickboxing.

      Muay Thai classes beginner/intermediate levels Mondays at 5.30pm (16+); Fridays at 12.00 & 6.00pm (13+)

      Classes are open to all levels Wednesdays at 6.00pm & Sundays at 10.30am (13+)

  • Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ): A largely ground fighting sports system derived originally from Japanese jujitsu and judo that has evolved into a distinctive style in its own right. BJJ was made famous by the Gracie and the Machado families has recently been used to great effect in the Ultimate Fighting Challenge and other events around the world. BJJ is an ideal compliment to our main Jujitsu self-defence classes or a valuable skill for stand up fighters who are invariably vulnerable on the ground. BJJ is a foundation skill for Mixed Martial Arts Competition (MMA) and a world sport in its own right. Our members regularly compete in all the major tournaments and have a long history of state and national titles.

      BJJ classes are available Mondays 7.30pm (13+); Wednesdays 7.30pm (16+) & Saturdays 12.30pm (16+)

      Dedicated BJJ classes are also available for younger ages, please see our kids classes page

  • Boxing: The most popular of the western pugilistic arts. Boxing is ideal for developing hand skills, hand eye co-ordination, timing and mastery of distance. Boxing will also promote a high level of cardio fitness. Training is available for those wanting to improve their fitness and for those wanting to enter the ring. Boxing is an equal opportunity sport based on weight divisions and skill, not gender. Our boxing fundamentals classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays emphasise boxing fitness and conditioning training.

      Boxing classes are available for ages 16+ Mondays & Wednesdays at 7.30pm & Tuesdays at 6.30pm

      Boxing fundamentals classes are for ages 13+ Tuesday & Thursdays at 5.30pm

      Boxing classes are also available for younger age groups, see our Kids classes page

  • Sakurakan Judo: A martial sport with it’s origins in Japanese Jujitsu. Jigaro Kano took his knowledge of Tenshinyo Ryo, Kosen & Kito Ryu Jujitsus and applied “modern” principles to formulate a less dangerous art that could be taught throughout the school system, this Kano Judo was the precursor of Olympic Judo, an art focussed on effective throwing techniques and a competitive grappling element. Judo can be enjoyed by people of all ages utilising sound biomechanical principles of unbalancing and leverage. We are affiliated with both the JFA and Judo union.

      Judo is available Saturdays at 11.30am & Wednesday 8.30pm, ages 13+

      Judo is also available for younger age groups, see our Kids classes page

  • Sozokan Ryu Bujutsu: The study of traditional Kobudo or Japanese weaponry. Weapons presently studied include the Ken (sword), Jo (staff), Hanbo (short staff), Tanto (knife) and Yawara (nerve striking stick). Other weapons such as bo, tonfa, manrikigusari, sai, nunchaku and hojojutsu will be taught subject to demand and student need.

      Kobudo is available Tuesday at 5.30pm and Saturday at 2.30pm

  • Arjuken Karate: A full contact karate style similar to kyokushin originating in the Phillipines that also incorporates elements of Arnis stick fighting, Judo throwing and weapons use to make it an all round combative system. Tough conditioning and hard training are the hall marks of this true budo system. Academy students have an impressive record of national and international wins.

      Arjuken Karate is available Thursdays at 6.00pm

  • Greco Roman Wrestling/ Sambo: An Olympic sport in its own right (from the very 1st Olympics) or a fantastic compliment to other grappling systems or MMA competition. 

      Sambo is available via private training only

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